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About Attonics Systems

After many years of research, we have streamlined and integrated the major optical and mechanical components of conventional FT spectrometers into a single interferometer chip - a breakthrough innovation!

At the forefront of Spectrometer Innovation...

As a spin-off from the National University of Singapore, Attonics Systems has turned years of intensive research in building the fastest and most compact spectrometer technology into commercial products with unparalleled benefits to the market.

Based on our patent-pending architecture, we can provide miniature, ultra-fast and cost-effective spectrometer solutions for areas such as medical diagnostics, healthcare, cosmetics, online gas detection and sensing, defense & security, food quality control, Agritech, and many more.

Our product portfolio ranges from standard, miniature handheld spectrometers to complex and customised system solutions in the visible, NIR and MIR spectral range.

In addition, we offer miniature spectrometer modules for system integration as well as our proprietary software application suite.

With our headquarters, manufacturing and R&D resources located in Singapore and a team of highly experienced engineers based at our European representative office in Germany, we personally guide and support our international partners from solution development to After-Sales and Service.

Understanding and addressing our clients’ needs as well as boosting competitiveness in their respective industry with best-in-class sensor technology – this is what we thrive on!